Senior Govt Officer Requests to Reduce His Million Rupee Salary

In a surprising development, a senior official of Punjab’s Health Department has requested the provincial government to decrease his monthly salary.

According to details, Director General (DG) Punjab Human Organs Transplantation Authority (PHOTA), Dr. Asad Aslam, has written a letter to the Health Secretary, requesting to reduce his monthly salary to Rs. 5 lacs from Rs. 10 lacs.

Dr. Asad wrote that he was appointed in December 2021. In addition to the salary package, the provincial government also provided him with an official car, free petrol, and a driver.

His office timings are 9 AM to 6 PM from Monday to Friday. However, he has realized that he has been completing the daily routine official work in just three to four hours since his appointment, the letter stated.

Dr. Asad argued that his current monthly salary package and other perks do not justify the amount of official work required to be performed by DG PHOTA.

Therefore, his current monthly salary should be reduced to Rs. 5 lacs from Rs. 10 lacs with immediate effect, the letter concluded.

Note here that Dr. Asad Aslam’s predecessor as DG PHOTA had been receiving a monthly salary of Rs. 13 lacs. Dr. Asad was appointed on the same salary initially but he asked to decrease his monthly salary to Rs. 10 lacs.

Upon his request, the provincial Health Department set Dr. Asad’s monthly salary DG PHOTA at Rs. 10 lacs. Now, Dr. Asad has once again requested the Health Department to reduce his salary to Rs. 5 lacs.

  • Thanks to Allah almighty, we still have a very small community of honest people. Politicians please learn

  • May God Bless you Dr. Asad.

    Please join a mission to educate this nation about what we need the most.

    We are fed up of movlvis empty lectures

  • The Real HONEST Pakistani !!!!
    Dr. Asad Aslam,
    We SALUTE you.
    That’s the people Pakistan NEEDS.

  • May Almighty Allah bless to Dr.Asad Aslam,
    In pakistan there are hundreds of hundred, great personalities are available and they have a really sense of humour to nation (as,Mr.Asad) but on other side the politicinns are grabbing and looting the nation for their own purpose not for the nation of pakistan so I would like to emphasize those looters to learn from the Dr.Asad Aslam for their nation and country but not only for their families!!!
    So, Dr.Asad please join a mission to educate the nation that what is most important to us!!!!!

  • What an absolutely stupid person. These kind of people live their lives without ambition.

    • I believe you are the most stupid person who has no sense of humor. This is has ambition to benefit nation and country and teach stupid people the meaning of life that spend your life with requirements and not desires. Salute to Dr. Asad such a brilliant personality

  • Highly appreciated. If all of our elites and politicians do this. We will have a better living standard and will come out of inflation.

  • This man has changed the trend. We are still having people who are having some solid objectives rather than earning money

  • This is not patriot or honest, this is something abnormal, which should be investigated.

    • Bhai tumhari soch main hi lalach tapak raha hai.Afsos hai tumhary aisy comment py. khud to honest lagty nai aur koi honest hai B to us Py doubt karty ho .shame on u

    • Abnormal and greedy people running behind money . Money is nothing you should understand the meaning of dignity.

  • He is gem of a person. Take him an example. He is a teacher and good influence on his students.
    World is liveable because of people like Asad. KEMU has so many other good examples like Dr. Maqbool who spent his personal 600 Million rupees to build basic sciences block at KE.

  • Why not to make him prime minister? We need such a man as prime minister.i salute you sir

  • Such honesty is utterly lacking in those in public service.

    Sir, as a taxpayer, I commend and salute your candid request in the interest of this nation.

  • This is unbelievable in our Pakistani Culture. All employees should learn from this extraordinary example. May GOD bless him. Pakistan need honest and hardworking people. A very good motivational example for our nation.

  • He should be given chief justice of Pak or chief of Army staff or an companion of IK

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