These are 5 Most Expensive Burgers in Islamabad [Pictures]

Burgers in Pakistan have fast become a comfort food in many a household and are an eat-out staple. They have undergone an immense transformation over the last few years and have metamorphosized into being more reflective of the Pakistani taste and style. There was a time when a burger had a single basic recipe but now, there are hundreds of different variations with a wide assortment of delightful sauces, accessories, and other ingredients. For those of you who are looking for fancier iterations of this humble-turned-classic comfort food, here is a list of the 5 most expensive burgers in Islamabad.

While it may not be hard to find the best affordable burgers in town, seldom do we know about the expensive ones.  From the simple beef fillet to neoteric plant-based ones, these burgers are priced ridiculously as compared to the average ones.

1. Fuoco – The Beyond Burger

most expensive burgers in Islamabad

Fuoco‘s Beyond Burger is available as the Modena for Rs. 3,295 and the Classic for Rs. 2,995 and is easily the most expensive one in the city. This burger has a juicy and moist plant-based meat patty in a soft bun that perfectly complements the taste of the meat.

The Beyond Burger is a plant-based burger that cooks, looks, and tastes like beef. It has all the juicy, meaty deliciousness of a classic burger but has the additional benefit of being a plant-based meal.

2. Cafe Rustic – Surf and Turf

most expensive burgers in Islamabad

Cafe Rustic is among one of the most prolific and high-end restaurants in the capital. Among the many mouthwatering dishes on its menu is the Surf and Turf for Rs. 2,000.

The Surf and Turf is a huge burger with two beef patties that are approximately 180 grams each, interlayered with mushroom cheese sauce, pan-seared prawns, and grilled pineapple. All in all, this one’s worth every rupee.

3. Man Discovers Smoke – Philly X Texas

The Philly Texas Burger by Man Discovers Smoke gives you the perfect melt-in-your-mouth kind of experience. It is soft, juicy, and perfectly seasoned. It is served with fries, sauce, coleslaw, and pickle, all of which work to elevate the flavor and experience.

In short, Philly X Texas by Man Discovers Smoke is delicious with its exquisite flavors that hits all the right spots, and all this greatness costs about Rs. 1,850.

4. Cafe Rustic – Angus Burger

Cafe Rustic is highly popular for its mouthwatering burgers and steaks, and while it is expensive, the cafe never fails to deliver. Its crown jewel is the Angus Burger — an absolute beast.

This monstrosity consists of 260 grams of premium beef, topped with a special cheese blend over smoked tomato pesto sauce, and strips of turkey bacon on a brioche bun.

Needless to say, all this does not come cheap and costs about Rs. 1,700.

5. Zamana Cafe Serena – Beef Fillet Burger with Cheese

Located inside Serena Hotel in Islamabad, Zamana Cafe offers some delicious albeit expensive burgers. The most expensive one on its menu is the Beef Fillet Burger with Cheese, which is a fancier and more extravagant version of a classic beef burger. Priced at Rs. 1,900, this fresh and juicy delectable is prepared with high-quality beef and topped with melted cheese.

Thus, if you are in for some enthralling dining experience and are ready to taste the most scrumptious food in Islamabad, then make sure to visit these places and be amazed.

  • Highly unhygienic and unhealthy food and that also at a high price. Paying highly to eat yourself to death.

  • Rustic Angus was the real deal. Tried the Lamb one together but this was so soft and tasty. For a grown up man 260 grams is good to fulfill hunger. Rather than eating those 90 or 120 grams Tripple patty burgers.
    They could reduce the price though, eventhough it’s in Sector E-7 lol

  • These unhealthy food outlets be banned. They areplaying with the young generation health.

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