Who Said Flying In Economy Can’t Be Fun?

Flying for hours in an economy class can be hectic. Emirates is here to make your flight experience less frustrating by offering a distinctive Emirates Economy Class experience for passengers who wish for a more premium treatment against reasonable value.

With Emirates’ exceptionally built cabin that offers extravagant seats and highly satisfactory customer service delivering a superior travel experience, who said flying economy can’t be fun?

Here are 4 reasons why you should fly with Emirates.

1. Regionally Inspired Gourmet Cuisine On All Flights!

Imagine being on a flight from Karachi to Dubai and craving your favorite dishes. Well, this seems beyond imagination but it turns into reality when you’re traveling in Emirates Economy Class, eating delicious meals, served hot and fresh at 40,000 feet.

The airline offers multi-course meals of locally inspired cuisine on all flights to make sure you experience the flavors of your destination along with free-flowing beverages.

From the very moment you step onboard, the well-trained cabin crew effuses warmth and hospitality. The multilingual crew makes sure you are comfortable and have a memorable experience.

2. Special Products for Kids – Toys and Kids’ Menu

We all know it’s not easy traveling with children, and not everyone can master this skill. With specially designed toys and activity packs onboard, your kids will have great company on their journey.

Not only this, but your kids can also watch their most liked cartoon channels including Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon while munching on their special kids’ meal. Isn’t this something they would want every day? More really does mean more with Emirates!

3. Enhanced Safety

With Emirates, your health and safety come first, all the way to your destination. You can plan with confidence when booking your flight with Emirates.

The safety precautions and hygiene measures by Emirates including disinfection and advanced HEPA filters onboard the aircraft provide added peace of mind while traveling.

4. Endless Choice of Inflight Entertainment Options

With the biggest screens in the sky and with 5,000 channels on the award-winning inflight entertainment system, ICE, you have an endless choice of entertainment options.

ICE also features Pakistani movies and TV shows in Urdu along with live matches. So gear up to support your favorite team, while enjoying your favorite gourmet meal in the Emirates Economy Class. Needless to say, the comfortable seats and ample legroom give a homely feeling and a world-class experience.

Emirates Economy Class truly offers so much more at a very affordable price tag. The experience is unmatched and every time you travel it feels like the journey is customized to your preferences.

What’s your favorite part of traveling in Emirates Economy Class? Let us know in the comments below.