vivo X80 Expected to Reach ‘Unprecedented Heights’ with Professional Smartphone Photography Features

It looks like the smartphone brand vivo is all set to launch another smartphone, but this is going to be the first X series smartphone to be launched in 2022.

So far, the brand has not confirmed the launch date or in-depth features of the upcoming device. But the smartphone industry has been abuzz with the conversation on vivo’s latest innovation.

Before moving on to the rumors around the next X Series features, here’s a look at what has already been brought to the smartphone market by the brand in the X series.

The brand’s commitment to bringing innovative devices to the market remains unparalleled.

With the arrival of the X series in Pakistan, vivo entered a strategic partnership with ZEISS, a global leader in optical technology. The partnership blossomed into the creation of vivo ZEISS Co-Engineered Imaging System.

The collaborative partnership led to the establishment of the vivo-ZEISS Imaging Lab, a joint R&D program to innovate mobile imaging technology for premium vivo smartphones.

That’s how vivo brought the capabilities of an actual camera to its smartphones.

Recently, we’ve been hearing talks about the brand continuing its strategic partnership with ZEISS to further escalate its innovation and take smartphone photography to greater heights.

There’s a reason ZEISS Professional Imaging has become a contributing factor when choosing a smartphone. Users have witnessed the wonders of high-grade professional photography in a device that easily slides into their pockets.

One outcome of vivo’s R&D program has been the V1+ Chip. vivo recently revealed that the brand would enable its next X series smartphone with the new V1+ chip.

The addition of the V1+ chip is going to shed major light on the brand because the Pakistani market has been eagerly waiting to observe the mastery of this chip’s technology.

vivo has been keeping the true enigma of the chip a secret for now but digging into the brand’s previous reveals, vivo had mentioned that the V1+ Chip is a fully customized integrated circuit chip dedicated to imaging and video applications with leading-edge visual quality was unveiled earlier.

It marked a significant milestone as the company’s first breakthrough in independent R&D and chip design. The Imaging Chip V1+ meets user needs by optimizing smartphone application scenarios.

Furthermore, the upcoming smartphone will also be empowered by ZEISS Optics, with all lenses meeting ZEISS T* Coating standards. The feature can reduce light reflection and in turn reduce stray light to assist capture the world clearly and in true colors.

Another conversation of interest going around is the ZEISS Professional Video features. It includes ZEISS Cinematic Video Bokeh which helps shoot professional videos with styles good enough for the big screen.

It accurately reproduces the effects of ZEISS film lenses and creates unique oval flares in videos and photos.

The AI Video Enhancement, backed by the V1+ chip, automatically recognizes and enhances night scene video. A fun feature supposedly added to the upcoming device is the time-lapse.

This feature applies video frame extraction, large-range hyper-lapse, and other means to increase image clarity and dynamic range, thus capturing natural time-lapse moments.

This device is also said to include 360° Horizon Leveling Stabilization. What this means is that the feature maintains stability even when the subject rotates in extreme sports.

The one thing we’re sure about is that given the brand’s tight-lipped reveals, the new X series device is going to create a stir in the market and its V1+ chip is certainly going to be the talk of the town.

We are yet to receive news from vivo or the smartphone industry on vivo’s latest venture. Stay tuned for further updates.