Heatwave Intensifies As 4 Pakistani Cities Named Among 10 Hottest Places in the World

As a severe heatwave continues to grip the country, 4 Pakistani cities have been named among the 10 hottest places in the world once again.

At the time of writing, Jacobabad, Sibi, Multan, and Khanpur are the Pakistani cities in the top 10 hottest places and have recorded extreme temperatures. Moreover, Rohri has made it to the top 15 hottest cities in the world as well.

According to details, Jacobabad has recorded 49.4°C and is the hottest place in the world. Sibi has recorded 48.4°C and is the 3rd hottest place worldwide.

Multan has recorded 47.2°C and is the 9th hottest place in the world. Khanpur has recorded 47°C and is the 10th hottest place worldwide. Rohri has recorded 46.4°C and is the 14th hottest place in the world.

Let’s take a detailed look at the 15 hottest places on earth today.

Sr. No. Place Country Temperature Rank
1. Jacobabad Pakistan 49.4°C 1st
2. Niamey-Aero Niger 48.6°C 2nd
3. Sibi Pakistan 48.4°C 3rd
4. Barmer India 48.1°C 4th
5. Matam Senegal 47.5°C 5th
6. Ganganagar India 47.3°C 6th
7. Bikaner India 47.2°C 7th
8. Jaisalmer India 47.2°C 8th
9. Multan Pakistan 47.2°C 9th
10. Khanpur Pakistan 47°C 10th
11. Churu India 46.9°C 11th
12. Kota Aerodrome India 46.7°C 12th
13. Khargone India 46.4°C 13th
14. Rohri Pakistan 46.4°C 14th
15. Jhansi India 46.1°C 15th


  • What is the source of this ranking?
    As the world hottest cities are known to be California (the death city), Kuwait etc. In this list mostly cities are from India and Pakistan. I believe the information is incorrect.

  • Is this the highest recorded in a city or highest annual average in a city?

  • Oh bhaion. Pakistan me koi source etc nahi hota. Jiski jo marzi hy post kar deta hy. Fazool information.

  • Larkana is the first number in hotness degree There is 49,50 and 52 every day

  • Still we, the Pakistani, damn care to plant trees.
    Rather whatever is available cutting it is our priority.
    Unless we will live for our future generations this importance will never screw into our head.

  • today on 14th may 2022 the district dadu 50°C. I think your information absolutely incorrect.

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