Uber Announces Good News for Drivers in Islamabad

Uber has shared good news for Islamabad’s drivers this week. The widely adopted ride-hailing service has completely eliminated service fees for Uber drivers in the capital city, meaning drivers will no longer have to pay Uber a portion of their fare earnings.

The news came from an official email that confirmed the raid-hailing service has eliminated service fees from ride fairs. Previously, drivers had to pay 25% service charges. But now that the fixed rate has been reduced to 0%, drivers can take the entire fare for themselves.

Better yet, there are no terms and conditions tied to this change, which means that drivers don’t have to do anything to be eligible. Drivers will simply start earning more out of fares from now on.

The change is effective from May 15, 2022.

This will not only help maintain employee loyalty, but it may also attract more drivers to join Uber. This could help solve the issue of driver unavailability or peak factors when customers are looking for rides.

  • It’s because Indriver app is taking away business from Uber and careem. Unless there is competition services don’t improve.

  • Please give a information what charges 8 kilometers and 16 kilometers and 32 kilometers as per you rule

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