Temporary Arrangements Made for Orange Line Buses as Depot is Still Not Ready

Orange Line Bus Rapid Transfer (BRT) has come upon another obstacle, with its buses having arrived while the depot is still under construction. According to a recent report, the Sindh government has moved all Orange Line Buses to the federal government’s bus depot as a “temporary arrangement”.

An official said that the depot at Banaras Chowk will be ready within a week. He added that the department has relocated the buses to Surjani depot to save them from wear and tear at the depot.

Meanwhile, Sindh Information Minister, Sharjeel Memon, visited the Orange Line BRT corridor on Sunday to review the bus depot and stations’ progress. He ordered the officials to ensure their completion by May 30.

“All works, including the construction of underground fuel tank, wastewater plant, shed at the depot, installation of lifts and accelerator should be completed in time,” Memon instructed the staff. He ordered Sindh Mass Transit Authority to keep a thorough check on the development progress.