Federal Government Shuts Down Metro Bus Service till May 26

In the wake of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf’s impending sit-in, the federal government is stopping the metro bus service till May 26. The administration has done so to avoid damages to the bus fleet as a result of possible unrest.

The federal government operationalized the metro bus service between Peshawar Morr and Islamabad International Airport (IIA) last month. The route between those two stations goes through PTI’s sit-in venue.

Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) has also issued a traffic plan that highlights the red zone’s entry and exit points.

According to an official update, ITP has closed entry and exit points to the red zone on Ayub chowk, NADRA chowk, Express chowk, and Serena chowk. It further highlights that those who wish to enter or exit the red zone can only do so via Margalla road.

The authorities have tightened the security around all sensitive points throughout the federal capital due to security concerns. The law enforcement agencies are likely to conduct security checks on the people traveling to or from Islamabad.

Published by
Waleed Shah