One Day Work From Home Proposed for Govt Employees

A high-level working group of the Ministry of Energy, Power Division, has suggested the government adopt a hybrid working policy for the federal government employees.

Under the policy, government employees will have the option of working from the office for four days and working from home for one day out of the five official working days.

In this regard, the federal government has formed a high-level committee to deliberate on the implementation of the above-mentioned recommendation.

If approved by the committee, government employees will be allowed to work from home for one day. The day will be selected by the supervisors in all government offices.

Besides, the working group has also recommended the government encourage the private sector to adopt a similar policy and let their employees work from home for one day a week.

Earlier today, the federal government also reverted to a two-day weekend after it restored the holiday of Saturday. The government had initially rejected the proposal of restoring Saturday as a holiday two weeks ago.