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Pak Suzuki Recalls Alto Over a Critical Fuel Filler Neck Fault

Pak Suzuki Motor Company (PSMC) has issued a recall for the 2019-2021 Alto over a suspected fuel filler neck fault. The company issued a public notice on its website, addressing 660CC Alto owners to visit the nearest Suzuki dealerships and have them replace the faulty part.

PSMC suspects that the part is prone to catching rust and gradually corroding. The corrosion could cause fuel leakage, which can have dire consequences.

The notice states that it is a countrywide campaign, but is currently confined to Karachi. Twin-cities-based dealerships told ProPakistani — without sharing a particular date — that the campaign is yet to begin there.

Quality Control Issues

PSMC has faced criticism multiple times recently over its poor quality control. Early last month, it came under fire for selling an Alto with a botched paint job. Its photos went viral on social media, causing the company to face severe backlash and rectify the problem later.

Later that same month, ProPakistani reported an incident whereby a customer took legal action against the automaker over an unlawful denial of a warranty claim.

He made the claim against Suzuki Alto AGS, which developed a critical gearbox fault after four months and 13,000 kilometers. Note that even the standard warranty is three years or 60,000 kilometers, whichever comes first.

Interestingly, most of the quality control issues are found only in Suzuki Alto, yet, it remains Pakistan’s best-selling car. This has created a notion that PSMC is getting cozy in Alto’s success, which warrants vigilance from buyers.

  • I had bought a Suzuki Alto VXR 2019 model from KPK, Kohat show room. The following points were observed;
    1. In order to get the seats covered, i removed the back seat out of the car and stood on the back side floor of the removed seat. During this time, the car back floor suddenly bent down causing a huge dent in the floor where i was standing on it, where as my weight is just 70 Kg.

    2. Suzuki company claims that per Iiter the car gives 37 km. Where as i have been following their this claim on my car for many times, it does maximum 18 km /liter. I am using petrol from day one.

    I cant believe how Suzuki Alto is cheating the public by having such a low graded material frame and low milage per liter. They are selling its products at a vvv high price. Its price should range just between 5 to 8 hundred thousand Rupees.

    We suggest Suzuki to recall all the sold out cars and improve the over all quality of the vehicle according to all the complaints being registered and high lighted on social media free of cost.

  • I had bought a Suzuki Alto VXL AGS 2020 model from Islamabad show room. The following points were observed;
    1. Stopny not available in the car. The Highest rate of suzuki car vx vxr vxl in pakistan. Rate upto Maximum 12 lakh.

    2. Suzuki company claims that per Iiter the car gives 37 km/l mileage. Where as i have been following their this claim on my car for many times, it does maximum 19.3 km /liter.

    • I had also purchased Suzuki alto ags in January 2021, petrol avr is 16to18 vd ac in Intercity and 22 on highways.but some times it lowers down to 15 km but very rarely.

  • It is done in lahore too i got it replaced on 31 of may from khalid motors. . Can even share the job card and pics

  • میں نے سوزوکی الٹو وی اکس بک کروائی تھی دسمبر میں جس کا ٹائم 5 مہنہ دیا گیا مجھے پر ابھی تک مجھے کار نہیں ملی ہے سب پہلے سوزوکی اپنی اس چیز کو ٹھیک کرے لوگوں سے سارے پیسے لینے باوجود بھی پورے وقت پر کار دینے قاصر ہے لوگ اس چیز سے سوزکی سے نفرت کررہے ہیں جو ٹائم دیں اس وقت کے پابند ہوں اس کا سخت نوٹس لیں شکریہ

  • i have buy suzuki alto vxl ags in feb 2021 very poor car suzuki does not claim its warranty my car engine block had blast by crack of krink but suzuki does not claim my engine only 46000 driven

  • Terrible quality cars, not living up to claims while price ranges being outrageously expensive. Car mileage claims are also just marketing gimmicks and nothing more.

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