Changan Lumin Corn EV Launched for Rs. 1.5 Million in China

The ultra-mini electric vehicle (EV) market of China has received another strong contender with the official launch of Changan Lumin Corn. The tiny EV surfaced on our screens in April 2022 whereby it generated serious buzz among general buyers and enthusiasts alike.

Lumin Corn is a battery-electric city car that Changan and CATL have developed jointly. Launched under Changan’s Avatr Technology Marque, the tiny EV competes with Wuling Honguang Mini EV, Chery QQ Ice Cream, and other similar cars.


The base variant has a 12.92 kWh lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery that allows for 155 km of range. The mid-range variant has a 17.65 kWh LFP battery and a 210-km range, while the top-end variant has a 27.99 kWh LFP battery and a range of 301 km.

All variants make 41 horsepower (hp) and have a top speed of 101 km/h.


Lumin Corn has several interesting and useful features. It has a floating 10.25″ touch screen that provides access to navigation, phone, music, radio, and autonomous driving functions. It also has hazard lights, an engine start/stop button, climate control, a USB port, and a 12-volt socket.

Unlike Wuling Mini EV, Lumin Corn’s exterior profile is rounded and smooth. It has circular headlights and taillights, and smooth bumpers, which allows for a subdued, yet appealing look.

Although not the most high-tech car, Lumin Corn offers all the basic features of a small economy car.


The base variant costs 48,900 RMB (Rs. 1.48 Million). The mid-range variant costs RMB 53,900 (Rs. 1.63 million) while the top-end variant costs 69,800 (Rs. 2.12 million).

Lumin Corn is a class above Wuling mini EV in terms of price and features. It has just been launched in China, where the demand for small EVs is sky-high. Its launch will currently cater to China’s rapidly growing EV market only, before being launched elsewhere.

  • If this car launches in Pakistan it will definitely shake up the auto industry if it has a good price

  • پاکستان میں داخل ہوتے ہی اس گاڑی کی۔ قیمت دگنی ہو جائے گی اور سینکڑوں حرام اور ناجائز
    ٹیکس اس پر لگا دیے جائیں گے۔ آٹو انڈسٹری اور حکومت میں بیٹھے حرامخور گدھ کبھی نہیں چاہیں گے کہ یہ گاڑی عوام کو کم قیمت پر حاصل ہو سکے۔ کاش اس ملک و قوم کوکبھی سچے اور مخلص اور ایماندار حکمران نصیب ہو سکیں۔

    • زِندگی میں بھائی یہ کبھی نہیں ہوگا کہ پاکستان کو آگے بڑھانے کی بجائے ہمارے مُلک کو پیچھے کی طرف لے جا رہے ہیں یہ اللھ ہم مسلم کو ان بے درد حکمرانوں ساِس پیارے رسول اکرم صلی اللھ علیھ وآلھ وسلّم کے وطن عزیز پاکستان کو محفوظ فرما

    • 1.5 million
      12.5 million custom duty
      9.5 million sales tax
      2 or 3 million agram bagram tax
      Total price only 25 million

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