Honda is Replacing Airbags for Civic Reborn and Other Cars Due to Malfunction

Honda Atlas Cars Limited (HACL) has launched a campaign to replace faulty airbags in certain models. The top-of-line variants have been recalled over fears of airbags malfunctioning.

In an official statement, HACL said that the company will replace the airbags of Civic Oriel (Reborn) 2006-2012, CRV 2008-2011, and Accord 2004-2012 for free.

Certainly, faulty airbags pose a serious threat to the safety of passengers. Those who own the above-mentioned models are advised to get their vehicles inspected at the earliest.

They can visit their nearest Honda authorized 2S/3S dealerships and get the free airbag replacement after inspection. They can locate the nearest 2S/3S dealerships through HACL’s official website.

It is also advised that owners determine whether their car is eligible for a free replacement beforehand to avoid inconvenience. They can call 0300-8402509 or 0300-8460326 to check the eligibility of their vehicle.

This isn’t the first time that HACL has been forced to recall these three models due to potentially faulty airbag inflators. Over the years, HACL has recalled other cars over fears of airbags malfunctioning as well.

Published by
Haroon Hayder