ARM Unveils Next Generation Android CPU Cores with 25% Better Performance

Along with its new flagship GPU, British chip designer ARM has also unveiled its latest and greatest smartphone CPU core, the Cortex X3. Other than that, the company has also unveiled Cortex A715 and the A510 has received some minor refinements as well.

These CPU cores are part of ARM’s second-generation ARMv9 processors. The new design is expected to improve performance, efficiency, and bring powerful new configurations.

The Cortex X3 focuses on peak performance just like its predecessors in the X-core family. ARM says that the new core brings double-digit IPC growth for the third time in a row. It is expected to bring a 25% performance improvement over previous generations of smartphone chips. On the other hand, Windows on ARM designs will get a 34% performance uplift.

ARM has also redesigned its hardware so high-end chips can use more CPU cores.

Moving on to the Cortex A715, the CPU core officially completes ARM’s transition away from 32-bit processors for smartphones. Thanks to that, the instruction decoder is now 4 times smaller than before. It is 20% more power-efficient than the previous generation at the same performance. In other words, it delivers 5% more performance at the same power consumption.

Finally, ARM has also managed to make the Cortex A510 5% more power-efficient compared to its 2021 iteration.

The Cortex X3 core will be used in next-generation flagship Android chips in 2023.