Pay to Win with Easypaisa – Pakistan’s No.1 Payments App

Less than thirty years ago, seeing someone carrying a mobile phone was uncommon, the idea of using it to transfer money a sci-fi notion. Things have changed drastically since then.

Mobile phones are no longer just voice calls and text messaging devices. Mobile penetration in Pakistan is standing at 87% and it is growing every day.

Then came a revolution powered by mobile technology where mobile phones were to become a necessity. A team working on disruptive innovation conceived the idea of creating a branchless banking network via mobile phones to meet the needs of unbanked Pakistanis. Hence, Easypaisa was born.

Consumers in Pakistan are increasingly turning to mobile wallets like Easypaisa for convenient transaction needs. Services such as Easypaisa offer consumers the ability to manage all their transactions directly from the palm of their hands, whether it’s in-store or online.

Mobile wallets are rapidly evolving into becoming the standard medium for digital payments and other lifestyle solutions.

Easypaisa started out as a simple funds transfer service in 2009 and has now become a household name in the digital payments landscape, with a revolutionary payments app and a strong network of 180,000 plus registered agents across the country.

The future of mobile wallets holds even greater promise of convenience and ease as the industry finds creative ways to create super apps and digital superstores that act as central points for connectivity.

The Easypaisa App is now offering customers all over the country the chance to make payments and win exciting prizes like iPhones and cash vouchers.

Everyone, whether a first-time user downloading and signing up or a loyal Easypaisa customer can try their luck at winning grand prizes with Easypaisa by transferring funds to another Easypaisa account.

The transaction is completely free of charge and can be done in the blink of an eye. Users can also avail the service to send money and cash tohfa to friends and family.

One can simply download the App and follow the instructions on the screen to make their first digital payment.

All you have to do is log onto the Easypaisa App and tap the “Send Money” button on home screen, enter the recipient’s number and the amount to transfer funds instantly.

With an increasing number of people using mobile phones for multiple purposes with convenience at the core, mobile wallets are truly the way forward.

  • One paisa offer is dummy and bogus only. I have got this message 2 times until now from 771572:

    “The Dummy One Paisa Offer is enabled”.

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