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Twitter Mysteriously Goes Down

Update[14/7, 5:41 PM]: Twitter is back online again and seems to be working normally on both desktops and smartphones.

Twitter has abruptly stopped working for hundreds of thousands across the globe. The problem only affected the website at first, but soon it plagued the phone app as well.

Downdetector received hundreds of reports from Pakistan around 5:10 pm with numerous reports emerging from Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, and multiple other countries. However, the problem appears to be global since there have been reports from India and other countries as well.

Users are currently having issues loading their Twitter feed and are also unable to log in to the social network. Those who were already logged in are now locked out of their accounts with an error message as shown below.

The mobile version appears to be working slightly better at the moment. The connection goes on and off and it is still having trouble loading tweets.

As it stands, the reason behind the outage is still unclear and there has been no official word from Twitter. We will update this space as soon as there is some official news.

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Aasil Ahmed