Islamabad Police Launches Self-Defense Course for Women

The Islamabad Capital Police (ICP) is starting self-defense classes for women in the federal capital in a bid to empower them in several ways.

It tweeted on Thursday that the “Islamabad Capital Police is all set to start self-defense course for women,” and added, “Empower yourself by learning combat skills, weapon handling, and much more because we believe in stronger YOU!”.

According to the advertisement, women aged 18 and above are eligible to register for the 15-day course that starts on 18 July. The classes will be held between 3 and 7 pm, six days a week.

As per the details, the course includes classes on Introduction of Weapons, Simulator Practice, Firing Practice, Self Defense, Obstacles, Human Law, Defensive Driving, Unarmed Combat, and Physical Fitness.

Those interested in the course can call 03025452902 for more information about it.

Published by
Salman Ahmed