Seagate is Now Officially Available in Pakistan

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American hardware brand Seagate has had its products in Pakistan for a long time, but now the company has an official presence in the country for the first time. Seagate now has official resellers and distributors in Pakistan including Daraz, ICT Traders, and DigiStor.

The news comes from Seagate’s official website, which now includes Pakistan in its list of countries with local availability. Clicking on Pakistan shows you the local distributors and resellers in the country as mentioned above.

Seagate Barracuda - Wikipedia

Thanks to this development, Seagate can now offer a full manufacturer warranty, lower prices, and more products in Pakistan. You can find their products on Daraz and other local retailers like Computer Zone.

For those unaware, Seagate is an American data storage company that was first incorporated in 1978 as Shugart Technology. Today, the brand is known for its hard disk drives (HDDs) and solid state drives (SSDs), both internal and external. It also offers cloud services in other countries but those are not available in Pakistan just yet.

We will update this space as soon as more information is available.

  • 🤣🤣😂😂 SSD era is going on they now interested in Pakistan to come when all world rejected their products 🤣🤣

    • Dumbest comment I have seen.

      SSDs are not applicable in every use case and mechanical hard drives are still very much desired for large amounts of storage.

      Nobody has ‘rejected’ hard drives.

  • Bhai, do you know what you’re writing about? Western digital owns Seagate? When did this happen?

  • As far as i rememebered in 90s Marson’s where sole distributor of Seagate products

  • hahaha WHAT ?
    Seagate a subsidiary of Western Digital ?
    oh kids these days 😂
    Thats SANDISK.
    lol Seagate is a direct competitor of Western Digital.

  • Welcome Seagate to full function in Pakistan! I used the Seagate HDD in my PC under 3 years warranty, and it worked for 5 years. I loved its quality.

  • Actually all connections end up to Digistor.
    ICT redirects to Digistor.
    Digistor is registered as seller on Daraz selling Seagate.
    Website of Digistor it’s is a garbage.

  • I am interested to sell your products too. You are requested to guide me. How can, I start business with you for the mutual interest. Kindly coordinate with me at your earliest. My mobile, 0300 2427220.

  • Seagate is not a subsidiary of Western Digital. Both are competitors. Seagate owns Maxtor and WD owns Sandisk.

  • Really surprised to see digistor with lots of counterfeit products listed on their website opt as reseller or distributor.

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