TCL Launches iFFALCON S52 Smart Andriod TVs Starting at Rs. 35,000

Popular Chinese display maker TCL has unveiled its latest affordable Smart TVs in Pakistan under its new iFFALCON brand. The new S52 series includes Smart Android LED TVs ranging between 32-inch and 40-inch sizes.

The main difference between the 32″ and 40″ models is the resolution. The 32″ variant is limited to 720p resolution while the 40″ model has a 1080p panel. Both have HDR10 support, micro dimming, 220 nits peak brightness, and a high color gamut. The micro dimming feature analyzes 1,296 separate zones of on-screen content for intelligently adjusting brightness.

For audio, you get two 8W speakers with Dolby Audio support and there are also built-in microphones for voice commands. You can use these to change TV channels or select a movie of your choice.

Under the hood, it packs 1 GB RAM, 8 GB storage, and it boots Android Oreo for TV. For connectivity, it has support for Wi-Fi 4, 2 HDMI 1.4 ports, and a single USB 2.0 port.

TCL iFFALCON S52 TVs are available on Daraz for Rs. 34,990 (32″) and Rs. 46,990 (40″). TCL is also offering 2 years of warranty that covers repairs and replacement for the display panel and other parts. It does not cover screen breakage or electric damage from sparks.

  • How can this be HDR 10 compatible if it has peak brightness of 220 nits, is it a joke or something to just write HDR 10 (peak brightness should be at least 1000 nits) when it’s not even HDR 400 compatible or maybe not even an HDR to begin with.

  • 1GB of RAM? Is it a joke? It was better to simply launch a plain LED TV without Smart feature. There are much cheaper and capable Android TV boxes that can do the rest with 4GBs of RAM and 32/64GBs ROM.

    What’s the point of designing a smart TV without being it smart. It is like a Land Cruiser with an Alto or Mehran’s engine. It is just a deception. I would rather buy a 40 inches LED and buying a separate Android Box in lower price than this crap.

    HDR 10 for 220 nits of brightness? Has the technology gone that mad to fit HDR 10 in under 300 nits?

    I recommend that being the famous blog, please test the devices before posting the reviews. Don’t rely on company’s claims.

    By the way, is it a genuine review or a paid post?

  • Sorry 720 p with 7 years old software is not something we want, wen want atleast 1080p with latest google tv android os…i cant hse fire tv 4k with an led for far better and cheaper way

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