Balochistan Calamity: Jazz Makes On-Net and PTCL Calls Free in Flood-Hit Areas

To ensure the provision of essential telecom services in the flood-affected areas of Balochistan, the country’s largest telecom services provider, Jazz, has made on-net and PTCL calls free.

Balochistan is currently witnessing natural calamity as flash floods, unleashed by heavy rains, continue to wreak havoc across the province. Snuffing out hundreds of lives, the floods have also caused massive damage to houses and livestock.

Worsening the situation is a serious disruption of food and medical supplies as the deadly rains have crippled transportation and commerce in the province.

To reduce the impact of this huge natural calamity on the people of affected areas, and to help them stay connected with their loved ones as well as rescue bodies, Jazz has made on-net and PTCL calls completely free.

“Despite extremely challenging conditions, all efforts are being made to ensure the provision of essential telecom services in flood-affected areas,” Jazz said in a statement on social media.

Aamir Ibrahim, CEO Jazz, said, “Jazz stands with the flood-affected people in Balochistan. Our teams are playing their part and working in extreme conditions to keep essential communication services switched on to aid rescue and relief operations.”

Earlier this year, Jazz also enabled a free calling facility for tourists stranded in Murree and its surrounding areas so that they could get access to help easily. The company offered free on-net and PTCL minutes for all its customers in the affected areas for three days.