KP Govt to Launch ‘Super App’, Providing All Official Services in One Place

The people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) are about to get a “super app” very soon that will provide information and official services to everyone. The news comes from the Minister of Science and Information Technology, Atif Khan, who announced the move on Tuesday.

While presiding over the briefing on Tuesday, Khan said that this app would be a one-stop platform for all your information and service needs. The meeting was also attended by Secretary of Science and Information Technology Matiullah Jan and the managing director IT Board.

Khan said that the “Super app” would let people make an account and get easy access to all kinds of departmental services. He added:

Instead of using various apps, the people will now get access to all services through one app.

Khan has said that Pakistan’s digitization will only help bring more transparency and would also provide the people with timely services. It would even let you pay your college fee and make other payments online. There are no details yet, but we can assume that it will let you pay your bills as well.

We already have a variety of apps that let you pay utility bills and access official information from the government, but it would be quite convenient if it were all in one place within the app. However, Pakistani apps are not known for their quality of service, so only time will tell how well it will perform.

It is also unclear whether the app will be limited to the people of KP or if it will roll out for everyone in Pakistan. Stay tuned for updates.

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