Pakistani Developers Are Becoming The Top Choice of US Companies

US-based companies are looking to improve their software development skills and are turning to Pakistan to do so. Pakistan is now gradually becoming the top choice of American companies for software developers, says Jonathan Siddharth, CEO of California-based IT company, Turing.

Siddharth appeared in an exclusive interview with Business Recorder where he talked in detail about Pakistani and its software developers.

For those unaware, Turing allows businesses to hire software developers from around the world. It matches software developers with long-term jobs and lists them to work with leading US companies. Developers are able to negotiate their compensation and Turing charges a premium for its services.

Last month, the company announced that it’s shifting its focus toward Pakistan as it sees high potential in the South-Asian market. It was functional in Pakistan for a while, but now it is actively looking for software engineers in the country. Siddhart says:

Countries like India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh are fast emerging as top choices to ramp up software development teams. The tech talent of these countries is a significant asset that can bring endless opportunities in terms of foreign exchange to the national exchequer by exporting their expertise.

South Asian countries have always been rich with software development skills and it is quite favorable that our country is finally getting the recognition it deserves. Just like its rivals, India and Bangladesh, Pakistan’s IT and software skills are finally starting to be recognized better than before by American companies.

Recently, Pakistani data engineer Shafiqa Iqbal got hired by Google through LinkedIn. She is now working for Google Poland’s Warsaw office. You can read the full story below.

Source: Business Recorder 

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