Chairman Amer Hashmi Bids Farewell to STZA

Special Technology Zones Authority (STZA) Chairman Amer Hashmi has tendered his resignation to the Prime Minister of Pakistan. Hashmi is also the President of the STZA Board of Governors.

In February 2021, he was appointed as the first Chairman of STZA, a newly established Authority under the Cabinet Division.

The STZA is mandated to develop, oversee, and enable the technology and knowledge ecosystem across Pakistan through the establishment of Special Technology Zones, which are strategically placed under the “Triple Helix Model” of innovation.

These STZs intend to foster synergy between the government, national and international industry, academia as well as research and development centers to create new opportunities, enable ease of doing business and provide robust regulatory support to the technology sector in Pakistan.

In October 2021, the STZA Act was unanimously enacted by both houses of parliament. In a short period since, the STZA has notified four Special Technology Zones, located in Lahore, Islamabad and. Over 20 domestic and international enterprises have been granted licenses to operate in the Special Technology Zones. The prospective enterprise potential pipeline stands at over 300 out of which 50 applications for licensing are currently under the review and evaluation process.

During his tenure, the STZA Chairman has executed focused initiatives to promote Pakistan as an emerging destination for the technology sector in the region.

In his parting remarks, Hashmi stated “I am optimistic that under the right leadership at the helm, STZA and its high-caliber and talented team of professionals will capitalize in multiples on the enviable foundation being laid down to create a progressive technology ecosystem in the country. I feel blessed that the Almighty Allah allowed me to create the required ecosystem for our talented youth to leverage their true potential, and the power of technology to reap unending benefits for the proud people of Pakistan.”