Tenure of 8 HEC Governing Body Members to End in September

Eight of the 21 members of the Higher Education Commission’s (HEC) governing board will retire next month after the completion of their tenures.

The commission’s governing body makes policy decisions for Pakistan’s higher education sector, and HEC officials urged for the process of the appointment of new members to be initiated early so that the new members may replace the outgoing ones within a few days of their retirement in order to facilitate effective decision making.

“Govt to fill seats on time to ensure continuity of decision-making process,” an official affirmed.

As per the rules, the prime minister appoints the members of the HEC.

Plagiarism Policy

Meanwhile, reports revealed that the HEC will get updates on policies related to plagiarism, distance learning, and undergraduate and PhD programs.

Reports stated that the existing policy is flawed and was frequently used to victimize students instead of improving creative writing.

Sources, as quoted by reports, added that the HEC wanted to improve the policy, and a draft of the revised policy was recently shared with the universities as the HEC wants to give them more power to deal with plagiarism cases.

The newly-appointed Chairman of the HEC, Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed, said, “Since I joined HEC some days ago so I have not been updated about proposed changes on plagiarism policy, but let me make it clear, we will propose, review and finalize policies after getting input from all relevant stakeholders for effective implementations”.

He stated that the policies would be placed before the commission after deliberation and feedback from the universities and that he would take all the stakeholders, such as the VC, on board before reviewing any policy.