PPAF Tops Evaluation List of Bidders for Kamyab Pakistan Program

The Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF) has topped the technical evaluation list of five bidders for setting up a Monitoring and Evaluation Unit of the Kamyab Pakistan Program.

The Finance Division had invited a request for proposals for the hiring of a competent firm to set up the Monitoring and Evaluation Unit (MEU) of the program.

The Ministry of Finance revealed that it intends to hire and engage an organization to conduct the monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of the Kamyab Pakistan Program under the approved operational framework of the program.

The Technical Evaluation Committee considered all five bidders’ technical bids based on detailed technical evaluation criteria given in the request for proposals (RFP) and announced the following result of technical bid evaluation in terms of Rule 35 of the Public Procurement Rules, 2004.

S.no. Name of Bidder Experience (20) Performance Indicators (40) Staff Profile (10) Total (70)
1 Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund 20 35 7 62
2 Pakistan Microfinance Network 18 35 8 61
3 International Consulting Associated Pvt. Ltd. 10 32 9 51
4 Rehman Habib Consultants (Pvt) Ltd. / OTIM Consulting 12 30 8 50
5 GAT Consulting (Pvt) Ltd. 10 35 8 53


The interested bidder(s) will be required to perform M&E functions at the wholesale, executing agency, and micro borrowers’ levels and shall be required to submit their ‘Technical Proposal’ on the lines of quarter-wise program indicators and year-wise program outcomes.

Quarter-wise program indicators are monitoring the tracking of disbursements, guarantee limits, schemes, subsidies, billing, etc., as well as strength/solvency of executing agencies, non-performing loans, recoveries, and early warning signs/indicators, and other relevant indicators.

Year-wise program level outcomes are non-performing loans (percentage of the outstanding portfolio), disbursement vis-a-vis target, subsidies (percentage of loans), and other relevant financial outcomes.

On the social side, the outcomes included whether businesses were created or expanded, increased house ownership, increased income levels or skills developed, and whether access to health facilities improved or not. Meanwhile, on the economic side, outcomes included benefits to the economy, employment generation (direct and indirect), and other benefits like revenue contribution, etc.

The Finance Ministry stated that the Kamyab Pakistan Program is a major initiative by the government for poverty alleviation by empowering the deprived segments of society and supporting them to transform their lives.