Lahore Police to Take Action Against One-Wheelers and Harassers on Independence Day

The Lahore Police has announced that it will deal strictly with people involved in disturbing the peace, harassing females, one-wheeling, and motorbikers riding without silencers on 14 August.

Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Operations Lahore, Afzaal Ahmed Kausar, has ordered stringent action against individuals indulging in disruptive activities on the 75th Independence Day of the country in the metropolis.

He warned that harassment of women will not be tolerated, and stressed that people should respect women and act civilly during the celebrations.

The DIG also mentioned that stern punishment will be meted out to bikers performing stunts like one-wheeling or riding their motorbikes without silencers.

He also urged citizens in a tweet to report people involved in illegal activities on the police helpline — 15.

Eve teasing and verbally abusing women is strictly prohibited and is against the law, and is punishable by three years of imprisonment, a fine of Rs. 500,000, or both.

The penalty for one-wheeling includes confiscation of the motorbike of the offender who may be sentenced to imprisonment of up to two years and a fine of Rs. 10,000. The offender’s parents may also be charged under section 109 of the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC), and the mechanic involved in the alteration of the motorbike will be arrested under the law.