PIA Announces a Huge Discount on 75th Independence Day

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has announced a 14 percent discount for domestic flights for the country’s 75th independence day on 14 August.

It announced the Azadi Offer (Freedom Offer) discount on Twitter, highlighting that travelers can avail it to meet their loved ones for Independence Day celebrations.

The tweet read: “On this Independence Day August 14th, PIA offers an amazing 14% discount on all domestic travel on that special day. So surprise your loved ones and travel to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of Freedom”.

The discounted flights can be booked on PIA’s website and interested people can call 111-111-786 for more information.

Previously, PIA had announced a 15 percent discount for flights from Toronto, Canada to Pakistan on 2 August. The discounted tickets can be booked until 20 August, and people traveling from Canada to Pakistan between 22 August and 14 November 2022 can also avail the offer.

The 15 percent concession is applicable for one-way and round trips of both cabins (Economy and Executive Economy).