Transwoman Sets New Precedent by Addressing National Assembly of Pakistan

Bubbli Malik became the first transgender person in the history of Pakistan to address the Pakistan National Assembly (NA) on Friday.

In another first, the Speaker of the National Assembly, Raja Pervez Ashraf, used gender-inclusive language to address the house on Malik’s suggestion. He changed the customary ‘Khawateen-o-Hazrat’ (ladies and gentlemen) to the more inclusive ‘Hazreen-e-Mehfil‘ (attendees at the gathering) and continued to use it afterward as well.


Social media users celebrated the historical moment with posts and comments of praise and admiration. Aradhiya Khan reposted the tweet and commended the event as “another historical moment” for Pakistan’s transgender community.

Another tweep, Fatima Anwar, praised Malik’s eloquence and her choice of issues.

Another similar win for the country’s transgender community was Emoon Kazmi’s appointment as a member of the Federal Ombudsman Secretariat for Protection Against Harassment (FOSPAH) earlier this month.

Speaking at the FOSPAH’s celebration of the first National Transgender Day, Federal Ombudsman, Kashmala Khan, remarked, “We need to include them [transgender people] in the mainstream as Pakistan is one of the top 12 countries acknowledging the trans identity”.