Unusual Air Travel ‘Theft’ Baffles Passenger and Islamabad Airport Staff

A passenger traveling from Islamabad to Abu Dhabi allegedly became the victim of a strange ‘theft’ when he found a large sum of money missing from his bag after arriving in the UAE.

Abdullah Basharat claimed that he had $10,000 in his handbag when he left Islamabad International Airport (IIAP) on 16 September but found the money missing when he opened it after arriving in Abu Dhabi and found 51 one-dollar notes in its place.

He maintained that he had not let go of the bag at any time during the flight, he did not even use the bathroom, and the bag only left his hand during the scanning process.

“After declaring the amount, the bag remained with me all the time, except only going through scanning machines twice,” he said.

The IIAP administration launched an immediate investigation into the matter at the request of the passenger. It stated that the footage from the CCTV cameras at the airport showed that the bag had been in the passenger’s possession the entire time he was at the airport.

Whether the theft took place mid-air or at the passenger’s arrival in Abu Dhabi remains unclear, and the IIAP administration suggested that the passenger should take the matter up with the authorities in Abu Dhabi.