Scientists Claim Altering Livestock Fodder Could Feed 1 Billion People

Environmental scientists have found that adjusting the feeding of livestock and fish can help to maintain the global food production system and make more food available for one billion people.

This change involves using human-edible cereals and fish, which are also used as livestock fodder, can be replaced by waste from existing food systems (by-products that go to waste during the food refining process), based on a study at Aalto University in Finland

The discovery is purported to increase the global food supply by 13 percent in terms of calories, without requiring the use of additional natural resources or any major dietary changes.

The lead author of the research, Vilma Sandström, explained, “We will need to reorganize the food system so that industries and food producers can find the livestock and fish feed manufacturers that will need them”.

She mentioned that some types of by-products may need further refinement before they can be used as fodder but the process is not expected to have serious hurdles.

Sandström added that the process is already in use to some extent and it does not need to be developed from scratch.

Currently, about one-third of all grain crop production and three-fourths of all caught fish are used as raw material to manufacture livestock feed.