PCB Denies Rumors of Not Paying Domestic Cricketers for Local Competitions

Hasan Cheema, a renowned sports journalist, slammed PCB, claiming that domestic cricketers were not paid for the recently concluded National T20 Cup 2022. A source within the PCB has, however, said that it is nothing but propaganda against the cricket board.

Hasan Cheema, who is also an analyst for Islamabad United, came to Twitter to express the players’ perspective. He asserted that the players are dissatisfied with PCB’s lack of clarity in selecting. Furthermore, PCB did not pay the players that were chosen and competed in domestic competitions. Hasan Cheema also stated that the players were only paid about Rs. 2,500 every match, which was a mere fraction of the actual match fees.

It is worth mentioning here that the tweets have since been deleted.

Hasan Cheema made similar claims last year, but PCB has remained silent on the subject.