Bank Alfalah’s New “Security Feature” is a Hassle

The purpose of security features is to bring safety to users without sacrificing ease of use, but that does not seem to be the case with Bank Alfalah’s new feature for its mobile app. The app has recently introduced a new feature that prevents you from logging in from two different mobile phones in the name of security.

As expected, this has caused a stir among several users as they are unable to access and manage their bank accounts from two different mobile phones. Customers who were using the same account on one or more smartphones are having trouble logging into their bank accounts. What’s worse is that Bank Alfalah did not notify its customers about the new update.

Temporary Fix

Some users have found a workaround for this issue, but it is not working for everyone. If you clear up the app data from the settings of your phone, it may let you access your account in some cases.

According to the bank, customers will need to call and request to unbind the account from their mobile device if they wish to sign in through another one. You will then need to register on the second phone with a new password and PIN. Choosing a different password each time is compulsory.

It is worth mentioning that customers are still able to sign in to the same account through multiple computers, which beats the whole purpose of the new security feature.

Bank Alfalah’s Statement

We reached out to Bank Alfalah for an official comment. Here is what they had to say.

Our latest security feature binds a principal device of the customers. We understand this may have caused some inconvenience to only those customers who were accessing our digital banking from multiple devices. In the next few weeks we will introduce a slicker digital process of multiple device registration for the convenience of such customers who like to access digital banking on multiple devices without compromising on the security of 99% of our customer base who conduct baking on a single device.

The bank says that they are working on a new feature that will let users register multiple mobile devices for a single bank account. It should be available within a “few weeks”.

Last but not the least, the bank has said that 99% of their customers use the banking app on a single phone meaning only 1% of customers are affected by this problem. Since the bank has over 5 million customers at the moment, this means that around 50,000 people are affected by this issue.

  • Yes. And on top of that one account cannot be accessed both ways like mobile and computer. I was told by CDR that if I want to use internet Banking I have to choose either mobile or computer or if I do login from both. I will not be able to login from mobile afterwards and hence needs to reset password. But the funny part is that I cannot self manage that via forget password. It has to be a call from registered number and get it resetted while on call. Very disappointed from banking.

  • Bank Al falah has very bad services now a days I don’t know why my account has blocked but I have called your help line many time but I haven’t get any response it has been 30 to 40 days I can’t use my money I can’t use my bank Application even I can’t pass my check I don’t know why you guys do this to me but this is completely wrong I hate bank Al falha other Banks providing best services than bank Al falha

      • My account has opened from my village branch and I have called many times to the branch manager but I can’t get any response your help center says our head office will call you.. bit I have already told you it has been 40 days I haven’t received any call from your dapatmrnt such a bad services you provide to your costomers bad services bad bank bad experience bank Al falah don’t use anyone say good bye to bank Al falah other Banks are providing best services than Al falha

  • There are some very genius minds sitting in Bank Alfalah. I can’t even recover my Alfa Wallet account due to their policies. I created it using a link in my Bank Alfalah Internet Banking. Then, I moved out of the country and my Bank Alfalah account got closed. After returning to Pakistan, I wanted to use Alfa Wallet, but can’t recover my password. Bank Alfalah asks me to visit my branch and reset credentials in my account (which is already closed). Wow!

  • Bank Al falha flooop every one need to close your accounts and surrender from bank Al falha bad experience bad costomers care bad people in the bank Al falha I hate bank Al falha many of people’s facing too much issues bank Al falah is no more

  • بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم السلام علیکم IN SHA ALLAH I am pleased to thank you by the MERCY OF ALLAH Regards Nawabzada Ikramullah Khan
    Bank Alflah is a wonderful Bank with outstanding Manager Mr Abdul Basit in Sector H Bahria Enclave Islamabad
    All of the staff is an excellent one
    Nawab Ikramullah

  • Alfalah must stop doing such stupid things. What is the purpose of paying for heavy fee of internet banking if we cannot login from new device on the go. My last mobile touch stopped working and i could not login on new device. After going through a stupid process i was able to access my account again.

  • Bank Alfalah is stupid bank, they have deducted 1% WHT on my all current and previous foreign remittances because they consider those remittances as commercial remittances, however I am an individual. Further my remittances also came via HBL and Bank Al Habib, they are not deducting a single rupee. It seems like there are different rules for different banks even under one State Bank. Seems like they are super stupid and idiots. Even after my explanation they did not return me my amounts.

    • Yes, I agree. I don’t have an alfalah account but other banks are removing security features for convenience and this could end very badly

  • In my personal experience bank Al falah is one the best bank in Pakistan and their customer support is excellent and people shouldn’t complain when they’re applying security measures to protect it’s customers

  • Most of the banks including Alfalah introduced pin and chip cards to enhance security. These cards ask for pin when used locally but on foreign websites they allow charging without pin. Most of the threats we face are from foreign websites and Pakistani cars are still vulnerable to them. So the so called security measure is not of much use.

  • Had hai yaar. Today sold my phone try to sign in on another and its not working. I won’t be keeping this phone for long. Not more then couple of day. So i need to call bank every time i change phone and ask them to unbind the phone? They could have simply prevent the login from multi device but doing this level of security where they are binding the phone with account is complete stupid

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