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Sazgar Starts Booking Electric Rickshaws With 100 KM Range

Pakistan’s one of the most renowned 3-wheeler manufacturers, Sazgar, has opened bookings for its fully electric rickshaw, eVe, which has a 100 km range on a single charge.

As per the company’s claims, eVe will save its user around Rs. 226,800 per year on fuel and Rs. 66,000 on maintenance.

According to the details, it features dual daytime running lamps (DRLs) and ambient lighting as it has been designed to conform to modern aesthetics.

In addition, the eVe has an automatic rotational gear knob that switches across the reverse, neutral, and drive modes with each rotation.

In order to meet the trends of the digital world, the company has installed digitized odometers and a USB charging port through which both the user and the passenger can charge their gadgets during the journey.

In contrast to the usual plain rexine leather seats, Sazgar’s eVe has a textured bench for its driver and the passenger with a blue tone that goes across it, giving it a sci-fi look.

It is worth noting that the 3-wheeler company hasn’t revealed eVe’s price yet. For more details, interested people can visit Sazgar’s website or stop by its showrooms across the country.

  • What were they thinking. Does a riksha driver has time to park it in tge middle if the day and wait fir it to charge. This means he can only do two 50 km trips and head back to home (that too if he can make it). Electric raksha what a joke. Electric anything makes zero sense no matter how expensive petrol is

    • thinks the solar panel on the roof then make sense ? use your brain instead storming the words that come out of your brain ….

    • The problem will be solved when the charging station network is fully laid down across the country, and there’s an option to fast charge the electric vehicles.

      Plus, global fossil fuel resources are depleting fast and the world will have no other option but to switch to electric vehicles.

    • Bro this is pakistan and there would be an illegal connection (kunda) on every roundabout and the EV rickshaw will get charged. This will only happen if the EV rickshaw crosses certain threshold. Early adapters will be facing charging issues.

  • It is an excellent effort and definitely succeed. Huge demand wl come in the days to come. People r tired of increasing fuel prices. Wish all the best

  • World is progressing and converting on Electric and we should encourage such achievement rather criticizing. Charging stations r being established. There would be not issues in future

  • Where is the announcement of booking on website ?
    Are you sure you are sharing authentic news ?

  • I have one think to say ‘keep up the good work team sazgar’ really appreciate your initiatives,
    One advice for you guys please don’t launch it in Karachi (or launch it if you want to spoil your existing & upcoming reputation!

  • If you are interested in display center or dealership to communicate us I have some places

  • Setting up E Charging Station is much easier n faster than petrol ⛽️. Wish a success

  • We really appreciate your work or efforts but what about electricity as you know that global fossil fuel are depleting fast and the world no have another option but we live in Pakistan and electricity issues increase day by day also there is no hope to stabilize k electric situation

  • Good decision specially in this costly fuel situation. Furthermore the country will move to environment healthy solutions such no noise of Raksha and no smoke.

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