Sindh High Court Acquits All Convicts in Perween Rahman Murder Case

The Sindh High Court (SHC) has acquitted all of the accused involved in the Perween Rahman murder case, therefore overruling the verdict of the Anti-Terrorism Court (ATC) given in December 2021.

According to the details, the SHC bench heard the Perween Rahman murder case and ruled the prisoners’ acquittal on the condition of not being involved in any other case.

Earlier in December 2021, ATC convicted Ahmed Khan, Amjad Hussain, and Ayaz Swati to 57 years and six months in prison, while Raheem Swati was sentenced to 50 years, and his son Imran Swati was condemned to 7.5 years. In addition, ATC-VII’s judge also penalized each of them with a fine of Rs. 200,000.

Resultantly, the acquittal enraged the social media community as most of them questioned the incompetence of the judicial system of Pakistan. It is worth noting that Pakistan was ranked 130 out of 139 countries in the Rule of Law Index 2021 report, which was released by the World Justice Project (WJP).

Perween Rahman’s Murder

Perween Rahman, a prominent Urban Planner and Head of the Orangi Pilot Project (OPP), was assassinated at Karachi’s Banaras flyover while she was going from her office back to her home on 13 March 2013.

She used to be a vocal critic of land mafias and their political handlers operating in Karachi. In 2020, a joint investigation team (JIT) told the Supreme Court (SC) about the motive behind her murder.

It said that she was killed in order to grab the land owned by OPP and a particular ethnic group could not tolerate the fact that a Bihari woman was leading an important organization in their area.

Moreover, JIT’s report also indicated at no involvement of any prominent personality in the murder.

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  • Talibaan nizaam-e-insaaf is much much better than our lowest third degree judges and lawers.
    Talibaan should take over our judiciary system and first of all it should punish our judges and lawers to death. Because these judges are responsible for the worst law and order situation of the country. they always sides with the corrupt one and sale their wives and daughters to the corrupt one to get few lacks of rs.

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