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Chinese EV Makers Expecting Sharp Growth in Pakistan Despite Economic Troubles

Pakistani people are skeptical of electric vehicles (EVs) and don’t really expect these to take off in Pakistan. However, a recent report from a media outlet ‘China Economic Net’ claims that Chinese EV makers are investing in Pakistan due to market demand and favorable national policies.

The report added that Pakistan has manufactured over 2.5 million motorcycles annually in recent years. Although, Founder and Chairman of Pakistan-China Motorcycle Industry Council (PCMIC) Muhammad Yousuf Shaikh highlighted that most of these bikes are older models. Electric motorcycles will alter Pakistan’s motorbike business, he added.

Last month, Jialing Industrial Co. Ltd. China opened a branch in Pakistan to promote electric motorcycles. In an interview with China Economic Net, Jialing Pakistan’s CEO Yao Zhen said that motorcycles are Pakistan’s principal mode of transportation.

He added that the rising global oil costs have raised gasoline prices, forcing customers to switch energy markets. He acknowledged that electric bikes cost more than petrol-powered bikes. “However, in the long run, electric motorcycles save much more fuel cost than petrol-run motorcycles,” Yao added.

Counter Arguments

While Chinese EV makers are hopeful of promising expansion in Pakistan, people have several good reasons to believe otherwise. Those Reasons include:

  • Massive price tags
  • Limited after-sales support
  • Lack of charging infrastructure
  • Long charging times
  • Tumultuous economy

Yao himself acknowledges that these issues along with the lack of parts manufacturers are massive obstacles in the way of EV expansion. Time will tell if the Chinese EV makers stick to their interest in Pakistan in spite of these issues.