Explore & Invest Pakistan Awards (EIPA) to be Held in January

To create a viable impact for Pakistan’s real estate and tourism industries, Explore & Invest Pakistan has announced that the Explore & Invest Pakistan Awards (EIPA) 2023 would be held in January 2023 in Islamabad.

The Explore & Invest Pakistan Awards (EIPA) awards are aimed at extending appreciation and honor to high-level achievers in the nominated categories.

The award panelists include Ch Muhammad Sarwar, Hamid Javaid Awan, Brig. Dr. Abdul Ghafoor, Muhammad Badar Haroon, Muhammad Ismail, and other big names from the government and private sectors.

Noteworthy contributions made by entrepreneurs and overseas Pakistanis to the national economy will be recognized and appreciated at the event.

The spokesperson for Explore & Invest Pakistan explained the significance of EIPA 2023, stating, “The awards will foster a feeling of trust and recognition among the overseas community to strengthen the Pakistani real estate industry through the creation of profitable deals in the future.”

Speaking on the occasion, Muhammad Rauf Raja, President, Explore & Invest Pakistan, said, “It is the first time in the history of Pakistan that the contribution of overseas Pakistanis towards Pakistan’s society, economy, and tourism will be recognized through the Explore & Invest Pakistan Awards (EIPA) platform.”

Explore & Invest Pakistan prides itself in taking forward the real estate potential of Pakistan to global horizons through a B2B match-making portal, bringing in exhibitors and overseas Pakistanis as potential buyers.