Thousands of Tourists Throng Malam Jabba for Winter Sports

Malam Jabba, a famous hill station and ski resort in Swat valley, turns into a winter wonderland after the snowfall. Like each year, thousands of tourists from all over the country have thronged the scenic resort.

Tourists engage in different activities such as hiking, trekking, skiing, zip lining, chair lifting, ice skating, and human slingshot, while daring tourists also test their limits by taking a massive swing set up on the mountain edge.

The ski resort offers a variety of winter sports to tourists, which is why it has become the preferred choice for tourists seeking adventure during the winter season.

The ski resort also has experts who offer lessons to tourists, including children and women. Besides, Malam Jabba offers affordable accommodation for tourists as well.

In a similar development, automotive enthusiasts recently held a jeep rally to mark the beginning of the winter season in Malam Jabba.

According to details, the rally started at Chakdara Interchange and ended in Malam Jabba. More than 25 jeeps took part in the rally, which aimed to restore tourism in Malam Jabba following the devastating monsoon-induced floods.