Xiaomi’s First Ever Desktop PCs Are Coming Soon

It appears that Xiaomi is preparing to enter another niche in tech. We all know the Chinese brand for its smartphones, laptops, home appliances, and other gadgets, but we will soon see the company’s first-ever desktop PCs.

Xiaomi, Huawei, and Vivo Abruptly Delay Major Product Launches

Two of these PCs were reportedly among the items to be unveiled at Xiaomi’s event on December 1st. The event was postponed due to the death of Jiang Zemin, the former General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party. The event is now expected to take place later this week, but we don’t have an official date just yet.

While we wait for a new date, two PC designs were shown to select people. Let’s begin with the more mysterious-looking PC.

Xiaomi Host Mini PC

Xiaomi Host Mini PC is a small-form-factor (SFF) design. It is shown in its barebones state and only has installed a 100WXM22AL5X power supply. It is unlikely that Xiaomi will sell it as a barebones package, so we are yet to see the rest of the hardware.

The photos show support for what appears to be a low-profile, half-height, up-to-dual-slot dedicated GPU on a mini-ITX motherboard. Although we are not sure how a dedicated GPU would work with the 100W power supply it is possible that it is not the only option.

A custom plate with the Windows key and “M” key combination is also included on the back of the case. Maybe Xiaomi plans to change the Windows key combination, which minimizes all windows and makes something unique with it.

The mechanical switch that is mounted on the back panel of the Host Mini PC is another interesting feature. We don’t know what it does, but leaked Weibo photos show an accessory package that includes a keycap to activate the button.

Xiaomi mini PC

We now move on to the second system. It’s a mini-PC, just like Apple’s Mac Mini or Intel’s NUC PC. It will run an AMD Ryzen 7 6800H CPU – a 45W chip that has a Radeon 680M RDNA2 iGPU, 16 GB RAM, and 512 GB SSD. It is expected to retail for around $570 in China.