FTO to Issue Order Regarding Stuck Soybean Containers at Port Qasim Tomorrow

The Directorate General of Intelligence & Investigation (I&I) Customs Thursday changed its stance before the Federal Tax Ombudsman (FTO) and said that the Customs Intelligence of Karachi has not blocked or stopped consignments of imported soybean feed for the poultry sector at Port Qasim.

The FTO office held a hearing on the case at the FTO Secretariat on Thursday which was attended by all relevant officials. The FTO heard the viewpoint of all the stakeholders and will now issue an order on Friday (tomorrow).

The Directorate of Intelligence & Investigation (l&l) Customs informed the FTO that the agency has not stopped the imported consignments but only passed on the information to the Department of Plant Protection (DPP), which is the concerned department. The Directorate has asked the DPP to ensure that any material that can pose a health hazard should not be cleared under the name of imported soybeans.

There is a need for permission from the plant DPP for clearance of the imported consignments of poultry feed, but the consignments were released during the last four years on a case-to-case basis. The industry has already applied for permission from the department which has not been processed so far.