Woman Named L Shares Her Death’s Post on Facebook to Avoid Paying Back Debt

An Indonesian woman attempted to free herself of debt she couldn’t afford by posting ‘evidence’ of her death to her daughter’s Facebook account, complete with photos of herself in a ‘Kafan’ (shroud), and those of a hospital trolley being wheeled away.

The woman, identified in reports as ‘L’, owed money to a woman called Maya Gunawan and promised to return it by 20 November. 

After that date came and went, L allegedly asked for an extension and vowed to return the money on 6 December. When she could not keep this deadline as well, she decided to fake her own death.

The post on the Facebook page of her daughter, Najwa Almira Ginting, revealed that she had passed away in an accident. L posed for ‘corpse’ photos in addition to adding the picture of a hospital trolley apparently taken from a TV show screenshot.

The daughter later disclosed the truth behind her mother’s ‘death’ and asked for forgiveness on behalf of the mother.

The creditor of the loan, Gunawan, however, is reportedly yet to receive her money back.