Indian Hacking Groups Are Behind Cyber Attacks in Pakistan and Afghanistan

Indian hacking groups have been revealed to be involved in cyber attacks in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Sources informed ProPakistani that the group wants to steal sensitive information by carrying out cyber-attacks on diplomatic missions in both countries.

According to an advisory issued by the Cabinet Division, Cyber threat actors are continuously targeting strategic entities to gain access to sensitive information for exploitation. A targeted attack campaign has been observed to gain access to individuals’ accounts to get sensitive information about Diplomatic Missions in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

According to the advisory, a spear-phishing campaign has been observed operating via a crafted letter from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the subject “Gallery of Officers Who Have Received National and Foreign Awards”. Indian APT groups and other such groups are involved in these campaigns and these groups through email ask recipients of foreign missions to share their personal information.

The Cabinet Division has asked the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Diplomatic Missions to take immediate steps to escape from these phishing attacks. Advisory recommends MoFA and Diplomatic Missions employ file integrity monitoring systems and two-factor authentication on all important accounts.

The Cabinet division has asked the MoFA and Diplomatic Missions to upgrade their World Press to the latest versions on all websites as theme files of WordPress sites are the most common infectious point in this phishing campaign. The advisory also recommends installing a firewall and antivirus at all diplomatic missions.

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