Early Market Closure Puts Livelihoods of Delivery Riders at Stake

The federal government recently announced the National Energy Efficiency and Conservation Plan (NEECP). The move is aimed at saving energy, but it has inadvertently put the livelihoods of many citizens at stake.

Food and grocery delivery riders have expressed serious reservations over the decision as they fear that incomes will slip drastically if the closure of markets at 8:30 PM is enforced on delivery businesses.

Speaking in this regard, a delivery rider said that he fears that he won’t get any bonus as orders will decrease due to the early closure of businesses. He said that he gets Rs. 3,800 bonus for completing 140 trips from Monday to Thursday.

Delivering 135 orders on weekends gets him Rs. 4,500. In a month, he can earn more than Rs. 33,000 in bonuses alone. This income coupled with a fixed salary gets him through each month.

Managing Director (MD) of foodpanda Pakistan, Munteqa Peracha, said that 40% of daily orders are placed after 8:30 PM. foodpanda’s fleet of delivery riders consists of 20,000 people.

The same number of people are working for second-tier and third-tier food delivery businesses. The total number of people linked with this industry is more than 60,000.

He added that a large number of foodpanda’s delivery riders work in night shift. Most of them are students or people who have regular day jobs and want to make extra bucks, he concluded.

Via: Dawn

Published by
Haroon Hayder