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Javed Afridi Wants to Partner With Afghani Supercar Makers

Ever the enterprising, Javed Afridi has offered assistance to ENTOP — the makers of the sensational Afghani supercar.

The key stakeholder of MG Pakistan shared an appreciation tweet for the stellar-looking Mada 9 and sought out a partnership with the makers of the car.

In the past few years, Afridi has become a prominent figure on social media due to his ambitious and sometimes, eccentric use of social media. Although, through his recent tweet, the Afghani supercar has garnered even more attention and appreciation.

What We Know So Far

Mada 9 is a supercar prototype built from scratch at the Navavari Center of Technical and Vocational Education of Afghanistan. It is a product of ENTOP, the IT Ministry, and the Innovation Center of Afghanistan.

While the details are sparse, development videos and photos show that Mada 9’s body consists of lightweight composite materials.

The car has a tubular frame chassis, F1-style pushrod suspension, and a mid-engine layout — where the engine sits near the center for optimal weight distribution.

ENTOP claims that Mada 9 is being developed in consideration of the hilly terrains of Afghanistan. The team will rigorously test the prototype before eventually putting it into production.

Mada 9 is an ambitious project that earned Afghanistan a lot of praise from various nationalities and entrepreneurs.

Feature Image Courtesy: Javed Afridi

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