UAE Tourists Required to Pay Fines Up to AED 300 After Visa Expiry

Tourists, who remain in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) after visa expiry, are required to pay fines of up to AED 300 for acquiring an out-pass/leave permit from airports or immigration offices at the borders.

Speaking about the penalty, a Customer Service Representative (CSR) of the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) Dubai verified the news and said that tourists, overstaying in the country, have to get the abovementioned permits.

Meanwhile, travel agents in the UAE revealed that this procedure commenced a few days ago and several of their clients, overstaying in the Emirates, had to pay AED 200-300 for the permits as a penalty.

Sales Manager at Kingsland Travel and Tourism, Robin Pathrose, remarked that tourists are obliged to leave the country as soon as they obtain an out-pass/leave permit.

Also, Some of the travelers, as confirmed by travel agents, did not know about the leave permits. They found out about the permits only after they contacted their travel agents to pay the fines.

Published by
Salman Ahmed