Avoid These Twenty Dangerous Mineral Water Brands

The Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources (PCRWR) determined that 20 bottled water brands were unfit for human consumption due to microbiological, chemical, or both types of contamination.

The aforementioned information was disclosed in the council’s second quarterly bottled water quality monitoring report for the fiscal year 2022-23, which was published on Tuesday.

168 mineral/bottled water specimens were collected from 22 cities during the final quarter of 2022. (October to December). A comparison of test results with the bottled water quality criteria of the Pakistan Standards & Quality Control Authority (PSQCA) revealed that 20 brands were unsafe for human consumption.

Best Natural, Excellent Natural, Klear, Pinar, Neno, Ice Drop, Premium Safa, Orwell, Indus, Minwa Kashaf, Barclay, and Nayab Pure Life were among the twelve brands deemed to be dangerous owing to excessive amounts of sodium.

Furthermore, two brands, Excellent Natural and Aqua One, were found to be harmful owing to the presence of a higher level of potassium than the allowable limit, while one brand, Nayab Pure Life, was determined to be unsafe due to a higher level of Total dissolved solids (TDS) than the specified range.

Another eight brands, including Alfa Premium, Isberg, Aqua pack, Sip Up, Ever Pure, Noble, and Neno, were discovered to be microbiologically contaminated and so deemed dangerous for drinking.

Number of Unsafe Brands Reason for Contamination Brand Names
12 Elevated Sodium Levels Best Natural, Excellent Natural, Klear, Pinar, Neno, Ice Drop, Premium Safa, Orwell, Indus, Minwa Kashaf, Barclay,  Nayab Pure Life
2 Elevated Potassium Levels Excellent Natural, Aqua One
8 Microbiological Contamination Alfa Premium, Isberg, Aqua Pack, Sip Up, Ever Pure, Noble, Neno, Asha
1 Elevated TDS Levels Nayab Pure Life

The general public is encouraged to study the entire report to understand the status of the water quality in the bottled water brands they use.

The full report may be found in Quarterly Report Bottled Water Quality (October-December, 2022). To improve public health awareness, the government has entrusted PCRWR with quarterly inspections of mineral water brands and publicizing the results.