Air India Fined $37,000 for Handling of Controversial Peeing Incident

According to Indian media, Air India was fined $37,000 for its management of an incident in which an inebriated senior US bank executive was charged with peeing on a female passenger.

On a November 26 trip from New York to New Delhi, the guy reportedly discharged himself on the 72-year-old woman sat in business class, an episode termed “peegate” by the media.

According to reports on Friday and Saturday, the Indian Directorate General of Civil Aviation punished Air India’s director of in-flight operations with a fine of INR 300,000 in addition to the carrier’s penalty of INR 3 million.

The pilot’s license was also banned for three months for failure to fulfill his obligations to guarantee safety and discipline on the trip.

When the plane landed in India, the banker, Indian native Shankar Mishra, was permitted to disembark as usual, and no urgent action was taken.

The lady filed a complaint, and after the tale was extensively publicized in Indian media, police apprehended Mishra weeks later when he collapsed and allegedly shut off his phone.