Extremely High COVID-19 Infection Rate Means New Wave is Unlikely – Head of CDC China

A top government scientist warned on Saturday that the probability of a large Covid-19 recovery in China during the next two or three months is minimal because 80% of individuals have been infected.

The present Lunar New Year vacation period may spread the pandemic, raising infections in some locations, but a second Covid wave is unlikely in the short future, according to Wu Zunyou, head epidemiology expert at the China Center for Disease Control and Prevention, on the social media site Weibo.

Millions of Chinese are traveling across the nation for holiday gatherings that had been halted due to recently relaxed Covid regulations, increasing concerns about new epidemics in rural areas that are less suited to handle huge outbreaks.

As per China’s National Health Commission official, the country has reached the pinnacle of Covid patients in fever centers, emergency departments, and with severe conditions.

According to government data, about 60,000 individuals with Covid died in hospitals as of 12 January, approximately a month after China unexpectedly ended its zero-Covid policy.

However, some experts believe that statistic likely understates the true impact since it excludes people who die at home and because numerous doctors have stated that they are forbidden from identifying Covid as a reason for death.