UAE and Saudi Arabia Tourists to Take More Vacations and Spend More Money in 2023

A report by Marriott Bonvoy, the Marriott hotel chain’s loyalty program, has found that travelers from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia are planning to take more vacations and spend more money in 2023 compared to last year.

The Travel Trends 2023 research, which looked at the travel plans of 14,000 people across Europe and the Middle East, found that 93% of travelers from the UAE and Saudi Arabia will go abroad for a vacation, with more than two-thirds in each country considering more holidays than in 2022.

The report links the growth in visits and spending to rising confidence that coronavirus will not disrupt vacation plans in 2023, as well as the fact that travel remains a priority for Middle Easterners.

Additionally, many travelers are looking for sustainable and wellness-focused vacations to get away from their busy lives.

For Middle Easterners, authentic experiences and experiencing foreign cultures are also vital. Many of them are planning long vacations in one location to fully absorb themselves in the local culture. Remote work is also influencing their travel plans, with many people enjoying “work-away vacations.”

Overall, most people plan to spend more on their vacations in 2023, with a high demand for luxury and all-inclusive resorts. Cost, cleanliness, and location are the most important factors when it comes to holiday accommodation.

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