NLC is Managing Import and Export Deliveries Despite Heavy Snowfall

National Logistics Cell (NLC) is managing import/export consignments despite heavy snowfall on the Pak-Afghan border crossing point at Kharlachi.

Located in District Kurram valley, Kharlachi Border Terminal is one of the busiest border crossing points for bilateral and transit trade with Pakistan’s neighboring countries in the west.

In winter, life comes to a standstill as the temperature falls to -10 to -12C owing to frequent snowfall/blizzards and cold breezes from mid-December to mid-February.

To ensure the availability of coal for power plants and industrial units, NLC undertakes non-stop trade operations at Kharlachi Border Terminal, braving multiple challenges in sub-zero temperatures.

Traffic management of heavy vehicles loaded with import/export consignments inside the terminal’s yards is a major challenge due to slippery road conditions. The snow is removed from scanner ramps and weighbridges as scanning and weight are important steps in Customs clearance.

Snow removal from solar panels, office accommodation of different government departments, pedestrian sheds, and more, is done on a regular basis.

The import cargo at Kharlachi Border mainly includes coal, dry and fresh fruit while export items comprise Pakistan-made tractors, cement, rice, salt, vegetables, etc. NLC has handled over 2000 vehicles during the current month.