Woman Gives Birth Mid-Air on Tokyo-Dubai Emirates Flight

A passenger aboard an Emirates flight from Tokyo’s Narita International Airport to Dubai International Airport gave birth mid-flight on 19 January.

The 12-hour overnight Flight EK 319, landed on time despite the medical emergency, according to a statement from the airline.

The airline’s cabin crew, trained for such cases, helped the passenger and her newborn, who landed safely in Dubai where they were received by local medical staff.

Speaking about the unusual incident, Emirates’ official remarked that the health and safety of both, the crew and the passengers, are of great importance to them.

Although births on commercial flights are rare, the Emirates’ policy for pregnant travelers is similar to other airlines. Unless there are any medical difficulties, passengers, with up to 7 months of pregnancy, can travel by air.

However, passengers, pregnant for 29 weeks or more, must bring a medical certificate or a letter signed by a doctor or midwife. Anyone over the 32nd week of multiple pregnancies or the 36th week of a single pregnancy is not permitted to fly.

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