Amateur Cyclists Complete 340 km Ride to Promote Healthy Lifestyle in Pakistan

Amateur social cyclists showed incredible grit and determination as they rode from Multan to Lahore, covering a distance of 340 kilometers. The ride was carried out by a renowned cyclist group in Lahore, the Critical Mass Lahore.

According to Critical Mass Lahore, the two-day tour was carried out in pursuit of a greener and healthier Pakistan and the purpose was also to shed light on the catastrophic environmental changes in the country.

The 15-person group of eight women and seven men took two days to complete the historic ride as they traveled from Multan to Sahiwal on the first day and from Sahiwal to Lahore the next day.

Cyclists of the 340 km tour expressed their delight at completing the historic ride and shared their experiences of the whole event.

Wonderful, wonderful memories made and a strong message sent out that we need to get back on course to getting healthier lifestyles back in our daily lives and lessen burning fossil fuels and polluting our environment.

“Such undertakings don’t happen on their own and a lot of backend efforts were put in for this dream trip to come true. We all know how key sponsorships are in fueling such causes and we are fortunate that ONE PK, the leading fashion store for our vibrant youth came out in full support. Alongside a lot of patrons and personal friends came through and made this dream come true,” Adeel Shahid stated.

Adeel Shahid is the man who puts in all the energy and hard work to make the riding scene in Lahore vibrant. His services to the local cycling community and bringing them into the limelight are incomparable.

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